Chef's Special

£ 10.95

Calcutta Tamarind Chicken

A traditional Calcutta medium-spiced bhuna style chicken curry in an aromatic & Panch Phoron infused sauce. 

Dairy (Lactose)

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£ 8.95

Royal Dewani Handi Vegetables

A dish from the royal courts of Hyderbad. Seasonal garden vegetables cooked in a big handi (pot) to a secret royal recipe.  

Vegetarian |Dairy (Lactose)

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£ 3.50

Afgan Nan

Freshly baked naan bread topped with sesame, onion and poopy seeds

Vegetarian | Dairy (Lactose) | Wheat (Gluten) | Egg

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£ 13.95

Parsi Lamb Chop Dansak

Fresh tender lamb back chops in a traditional Bombay Parsi spicy and sweet-sour rich sauce, prepared with four varieties of lentils, jaggery, tamarind, kaffir lime, and toasted chillies.

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£ 7.95

Stir-Fried Broccoli with Garlic & Cumin

Tenderstem tossed in a sizzling pan for a fresh, clean taste

Vegetarian | Vegan | No known allergens

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Tandoori Lamb Chop
£ 14.95

Tandoori Lamb Chop

Best end lamb cutlets, generously spiced and grilled to perfection


Dairy (Lactose)

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  • Vegetarian
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