Chef's Special

£ 14.95

Mangalore Tiger Prawn & Spinach

Black Tiger prawns cooked in a well-flavoured sauce with the baby spinach, tangy mustard greens, ginger and aromatic lime leaf

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£ 13.95

The KT's Garlic Chilli Chicken

Chicken marinated in green herbs and cooked in a rich, spicy, sauce with roasted garlic and sliced fresh green chillies-our own special recipe

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£ 6.95

Potato, Aubergine, & Green Chilli Curry

Roseval potato and roast aubergine cooked in a rich bhuna sauce with green chillies-and excellent spicy side dish

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£ 3.95

Ginger Nan Bread

Freshlybaked nan with fresh ginger and garlic

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  • Vegetarian
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