Chef's Special

£ 5.95

Duck Samosa

Duck breast cooked with green chilli and spiced vegetables in a crisp pastry wrap.
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£ 13.95

Spice Traders Lamb Curry

DYTDYTFTFT A mild,rich,and aromatic curry of slow-braised lamb in a well -flavoured coconut sauce with rosded baby potao

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£ 13.95

Monsuri Chilli Chicken Hot Fry

<p> Chicken tikka,onion,tomato,and fresh green chilli tossed together in a sizzing pan

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£ 6.95

Gujrati Green Beans

Stir-fried with touch of tomato and sesame seeds.

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£ 3.50

Afgan Nan

Topped with toasted sesame, onion, and poppy seeds

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  • Vegetarian
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